We love movement!

Our NGO has changed name from Sports Life, z.s. to Into Movement, z.s. but still continues under the same business number  IC 04362969 .

Introducing Ourselves - Who we are and what we bring to you

Into Movement, z.s is a dynamic organisation with people full of enthusiasm for an active life style. We have set out to share our experience and to use our professional skills to engage children and adults in sports and movement to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Our treiners have been providing extraordinary service on the private field of sport and adventure experience since 2011 under the name GoldLife Services s.r.o. In 2015 we estublished only sport focused NGO named SA GoldLife, z.s. later Sports-Life z.s. to be fully focusing on the further developing of sports and movement educational programs. This subject is now getting totaly independent of previouse names and cooperations with Goldlife Services s.r.o. therefore it was chosen name Into Movement, z.s. to represent our transformative vision the best. 

Our vision, philosophy and motto is "Intuitive Movement Learning", a program that is ideal to convey movement skills in an attractive, playful manner. This program is based on the latest academic & scientific findings of Kinesiology, Kinanthropology and Neurophysiology claiming that unigue movement is a natural expression of shape and personality of every human. Therefore, learning to move comes naturally and intuitively to us. 

Following this quite convincing theory we are not trying to force a certain move / exercise onto somebody in form of repetitive drills but rather in tha contrary, endeavour to encourage the person to find her own intuitive path to the development of the move / exercise using the sensory - motor principles.   

One of the most important factor of the above principles is motivation (love for sports & movement) for both adults and children equally. We instigate motivation with providing a freindly and stimulating training environment and varied approach to teaching different movement exercises tailored to fit age and aimed at logically move towards achieving a complex movement sequence and the desired outcome. 

We believe that you and your children will love our training sessions and events!

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Our Team

Founder & Program Director

Mgr. Tomáš Skála


Sport has been with me since I can remember taking my first steps. I love those moments when I discover and overcome my own limits. I also love to try and learn new things which never comes without making mistakes and facing set-bakcs. That is why I live by the motto:

Everybody falls and gets back up a hundred times before they can walk freely and boldly. Never give up, practice with determination and sometimes measure your skills against others, compete.

Working Experience

  • Into Movement/ Sports Life / SA GoldLife - Founder & Program Director - (2015 - date)
  • Faculty of Physical Education & Sports, Charles University Prague - PhD studies (2012 - date) 
  • International School of Prague, ISP  - PE teacher, coach Varsity Soccer (2014 - 2015)
  • ZŠ Marjánka Primari school - PE teacher & AC Sparta Praha-fotbal - Gymnastics coach for juniors (2011 -2014) 
  • FC Zličín - Assistant, A tým (2008-2010)
  • SK Slavia Praha - Coach U10 and year 2001 (2005 - 2009) 

Gymnastics - Girls

Mgr. Markéta Pecinová


Working Experience

Gymnastics - Girls

Mgr. Aneta Benešová 

In 2017 I finished my masters degree in education of German language and social sciences on The  Charles University in Prague, but I went to my business carier. But, I still do love sport kids and coaching, so to lead kids training become my hobby and passion at the same time.

Working Experience

Coach of rhythmic gymnastiky 

SK MG BAVER TŘEBÍČ (2011-2013)

Coach of sports and rhytmic gymnastics 

Sports Life, z.s. since 2017


A member of the Junior and senior reprezentation of The Czech Republic in rhythmic gymnastics 

2010 - The Champion of Czech Republic in group composition  in senior category

2009 - 2nd place on the Czech Championchip in group composition in junior category

2010 - 6th place on the Czech Championchip in individuals in senior category


Samuel Smíšek

Only 4 years ago I started to move regurarely, I never enjoyed football, floorball or similar sports, but parkour became my way of life. It has influenced my perception of the surrounding world, started moving daily and gradually adding other activities like snowboarding, wakeboarding, strengthening and much more. In the future, I would like to focus primarily on the development of skills in the field of parkour, freerunning, and its teaching. 

Working Experience

Parkour workshops around the Czech Republic 

Leading of the parkour session for Sports Life, z.s. since 2018

Athletics Trainer

Mgr. Jana Jindrová

In 2016 I successfully finished my studies in sports management and graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at the Charles University in Prague. Currently, I am on matenaty leave and dedicate my time to my daughter Rozarka. From the age of 10 and for roughly 12 years I did competitive athletics with PSK Olymp Praha, a club that supported my sports career from the beginning to the end. Apart from running, I also like other sports (biking, skating, skiing....). 


I was Junior Champion of the Czech Republic several times in  60m (indoor), 100m a 200m and co-holder if the Czech Club records in 4x100m. As member of the Czech athletics representation I took part in the European Championships in  Kaunasa and Ostrava.

Personal best: 60m - 7,72s; 100m - 11,92s; 200m - 24,42s.

Work Experience

  • SA Gold Life, z.s. - Athletics trainer (2015 - date)
  • Personal trainer, individual conditioning training

Sports Gymnastics Trainer

Tereza Lipšanová

I am studying at the Charles University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, with focus on gymnastics. I have been doing sports gymnastics since I was 4 years old when I started practicing at the TJ Slovan Prague. 

Amongst my biggest achievements is the first place at the Czech Junior Championships in 2007.

Work Experience

  • S.A. GoldLife, z.s. - Gymnastics trainer (2015 - date)
  • SK Hradčany - Gymnastics trainer (2009 - date)

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