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Educational Programs for Children

We offer a wide range of sports and movement programs and curricula for children and the whole family. These can be in the form of regular group courses during an academic school year that follows international schools' schedules, individually tailored and scheduled courses or weekend workshops / intense courses / sports events.

Our courses are suitable for pre-school children as well as for teenagers. The courses include adventure & outdoor sports (e.g. rock climbing, rafting, canoeing, biking), which are very popuar with teens. 

We provide both, after school recreational sports activities as well as competitive sports training including the participation in competitions (leagues) for those who want more than recreational sports. The latter includes individual, comprehensive trainings fand care of talents in various sports disciplines (hockey, football, swimming, dance).

Regular Courses During the School Year

Athletics I (ages 5 - 8 years) 

Elementary School Nebušice 

 Wednesday 16:00 - 17:00

Trainers: Jana, Tomáš

The course is suitable for beginners and is aimed at the general development of physical abilities and basics in athletics / track and field - running, jumping, throwing skills. All lessons are conducted in a playful manner aimed at creating a positive connection of the child to athletics and physical activity in general.

Atletics II (ages 7 - 12)

Elementary School Nebušice 

Wednesday 16:00 - 17:00

Trainers: Jana, Tomáš

Elementary School Pod Marjánkou                                         Thursdays 16:40 - 18:10

Trainer: Helena, Tomáš

The course is suitable for those children, who attended Athletics I or whose skills and abilities fit the level of this advanced course. Focus of this advanced course is on the development of specific and non-specific mobility skills and abilities needed for the the basic techniques of different athletics disciplines (long and high jump, sprint, 200 to 1000m distances, hod raketou, relay and later on also hurdles a odhody a vrhy náčiní).

Gymnastics Basics (ages 5 - 12)

Elementary School Nebušice                                               

Fridays 14:00-15:00, 15:00 - 16:00

Trainers: Monica, Helena, Tomáš

This course is designed for children who wish to begin with gymnastics or, in more general terms, those who wish to support their healthy physical development, coordnation, strength and flexibility. The course offers basic gymnastics training, conscious movement, handling of equipment and first elements and sestav on apparatuses.

Artistic Gymnastics (ages 5 - 17)

Sunny Canadian school

Friday 15:30 - 16:30

Individual classes at SK Hradčany upon agreement

Trainers: Tereza, Anna, Markéta, Tomáš

This course will develop children's coordination skills with gymnastics training /exercises on apparatuses. The course is suitable also for those who want to take gymnastics further and take part in internal and public club and individual competitions in gymnastics. 

The training follows our own methodology, which is based on the Early Gymnastics Curriculum and the Competitive Gymnastics Curriculum, which are included in the 2013-2021 USA Junior Olympic Compulsory Program.

Urban Parkour (ages 7 - 15)

Lessons at Sokol Horoměřice, ZŠ Nebušice and ZŠ Žalov Roztoky and SCIS Jesenice

Trainers: Tomas, Sam, Krystof, Veronika

This course is designed for children who wish to begin with parkour, want to develop their vaulting, railing, climbing and descending, and who long for gaining of acrobatic skills. Although, parkour is not just that, It is also about developing self-awareness, self-esteem, grace but also toughness while dealing with fear and challenges. Learning how to safely fall and quickly get up. It is teaching responsibility and patience as well as true friendship and respect. 

Basic Swimming Skills (ages 4 - 10)

Lessons at Strahov Pool upon agreement

Individual Lessons upon individual agreement

Trainers: Tereza, Tomáš

The course is suitable for beginners and intermediate. We work step-by-step on with your children to not fear, rather embrace water and exploit the hydrodynamic medium for their own movement. Once this is achieved we teach your children the basics of all swimming techniques (crowl, back,, breaststrokes).  They will also learn and enjoy water jumps and swimming under water.

Development of Swimming Techniques & Style (ages 6 - 17)

Upon individual agreement

Trainers:  Tomáš

The course is designed for intermediate swimmers and advanced who want to learn all swimming techniques (butterfly, crowl, back and breast strokes) in a playful manner and equally improve their times over long-distance swimming. 

Climbing & Bouldering on Artificial Walls (ages 5 -17)

Ruzyně - climbing wall upon agreement 

Trainer: Veronika

This course is for all who want to acquire basic climbing skills and while doing that improve balance, strength and flexibility. 

Individual lessons

We offer individual training for children in the following sports  disciplines:

Athletics, gymnastics, football, swimming, biking, tennis, table tennis, golf, dance, climbing, conditioning training, skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, diving, rafting. 

Please contact us with your individual request.

Special Events & Camps

Please contact us for holiday camps conducted until end of August 2020.

Adventure Camp in Kořenov 

 2.8. - 8.8. and 9.8. - 15.8.

Day Athletics/Parkour Sports Camp in  Nebušice - Prague

13.7. - 17. 7.