Getting to a Higher Level

Program for Adults

Fitness and Shaping Programs

We will create a tailor made training program for you according to your chosen sports and performance level

How does it work?

  • You send us your request.
  • We invite you to a personal meeting and an initial physical testing.
  • We develop and introduce to you your personal, tailored training program.
  • You train under professional supervision.
  • We regularly check and compement your traiing plan to achieve the desired results.

Examples of training programs:

Basic / Core Training:

Strength - endurance training for building deep muscles, which firstly and foremostly help develop the correct posture and the transmission of strenght from the upper to the lower body parts.

Strength - komplex exercising for overall strength or specific body parts using either the own body weight or weights and other equipment including fitness studio equipment.

Endurance - technique of the chosen discipline and technical and interval method for the development of physical condition / endurance.

Athletics  - technique (running, walking, jumping, ;throwing) with elements of endurance and strength training.

Swimming Courses

Our methodology to swimming training is supplemented by selected elements of the Dutch, Norwegian, and Australian schools.  The courses take place in groups of max. 5 members that are at the same skills level. We teach back and breast srokes, crowl and butterfly.


Basic course - for beginners and advanced beginners /intermediate

Conditioning course - for swimmers who want to further develop their swimming techniques and fitness.

Specialised performance course- specialised swimming training for competitions including physical tests, videao specializovaná plavecká příprava pro starty v závodech- zahrnuje fyzické testy, vdeo analyses and long-term training plans.

Individual training - preparation of an individually tailored training plan..

Skiing & Snowboarding Courses

Off-season preparation takes place in Prague in selected in- and out-door venues. Skiing and snowboarding lessons take place on weekends in Krkonose and Jizerske mountains or abroad (italie, Norway) depending on the weather conditions.  If you wish to improve in these sports you should not forget that the so-called dry fitness training is eqqually important for acquiring or improving skiing technique and overall perfromance.


Fitness training for skiers - includes elements of endurance, strength, co-ordination, speed and flexibility, all of which are alternated in cycles during the year.

Down-hill Skiing:

  • General and specialised skiing preparation
  • Basic technique and methods of descending and turning on skiis. 
  • Carving
  • Long arches
  • Freeride

Course in Jizery Mountains - Kořenov -

Cross-country Skiing:

  • General and specialised cross-country preparation
  • Basic technique and method of cross-country skiing
  • Classic technique
  • Skating

Weekend courses in Kořenov - January - March 2018

Snowboard Courses:

  • General and specialised snowboarding preparation
  • Basic arches and jumps

Special Events

- scuba diving

- rafting

- climbing

- adventure activities

Our goal is to create a training environment which makes it easy for and inspires you to develop and achieve your personal training goals whether you are a beginner or a seasoned high performance athlete. We offer courses, individually tailored trainings and customized adventure sports events. Move one level up with us and have fun!