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Products for Schools, Clubs and Companies

Schools and Sports CLubs

 We strive to complement & improve the sports portfolio of schools and clubs which do not have the capacity for some of the sports disciplines as afterschool activities.

  •  Provision of regular courses throughout the school year
  • Organization of educational and leaisure camps in scholl holidays (throughout the year)
  • Organization of sports and educational events on weekdays and weekends
  • Applied sports & physical education programs for schools and school staff
  • Eguipment inovation and renvation, cosulting


Teambuilding and Preparation for Sport Events

As part of our partnership with Adrenalin_Sport s.r.o. we provide corporate teambuilding and adventure activities in both summer and winter seasons. It includes less physicaly demanding and more challenging tasks and sport activities according to the individual wishes of the client.

It's time to gether and have a great time, the experience is guaranteed :-)

Training as a Break from Work

Training lessons for company employees working before work, on breaks or directly after work hours. This program aims to improve your work performance, physical and mental health, team spirit and time management. 

"Apart from gaining amazing bodyshape, you gain amazing feeling of doing something for yourself, for your health esspecialy. It not just feels good but it actualy gives you more energy to all the neccessary work physicaly and mentaly." Loredana Popasav